Clingmans Dome Revealed

From the author of: Black Elk Peak: A History (Natural History):

All the secrets about Clingmans Dome in the Smokies!
Clingmans Dome Revealed: A Natural, Historical and Cultural Gem in the Smoky Mountains
by Bradley D. Saum

Clingmans Dome

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Sacred to the Cherokee, logged by entrepreneurs and preserved by visionaries, the highest peak in the Smoky Mountains has a diverse and varied history. With a background intermingled with discovery, war, spirituality, tragedy, inspiration and natural beauty, Clingmans Dome stands sentinel over the Smoky Mountains.

Secret, untold and unique stories unravel through the intriguing details and well-researched facts. The exceptional compilation illustrated with photographs is presented in a straight forward and easy to read format providing insight and perspective into this distinctive peak and the surrounding slopes intrinsically linked to the highpoint.

In the shadows of Clingmans Dome, a great national park evolved, the idea for the Wilderness Society was kindled, Cherokee hid to avoid the Trail of Tears, a two thousand mile hiking trail crests no higher and a postage stamp captured the magnificent artwork supplied by the setting sun.

Rising above the Southern Appalachians to an elevation of 6,643 feet, the landscape of the summit has been influenced by the Civilian Conservation Corps, Mission 66, and the United Nations, as well as natural weathering and even a nearly microscopic intruder.

Known to the Cherokee as Kuwahi and the early European settlers as Smoky Dome, the story of what is now the most accessible peak in the Smoky Mountains is revealed. The remarkable history of Clingmans Dome is captured revealing the gem that stands prominently over the Smoky Mountains.

Also by Bradley D. Saum:
The history of Black Elk Peak–previously known as Hinhan Kaga and, more recently, as Harney Peak–remained segmented and scattered throughout the shadows of antiquity, until now.

The natural landmark’s namesake, Black Elk, experienced his great vision here, solidifying his status as a Sioux holy man. Obstructed by the insurmountable granite, General Custer and his horse nearly summited during the 1874 expedition.

On that granite, sculptor Gutzon Borglum made the decision to carve a grand monument into the face of nearby Mount Rushmore. Prior to serving as the first Pine Ridge Reservation Indian agent and then mayor of Rapid City, Valentine McGillycuddy documented his ascent to the peak in 1875, where his ashes would come to rest.

Author Bradley Saum chronicles the unique and untold stories that are intrinsically linked to the highest point in the Black Hills.