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Bradley Saum is an avid traveler and natural history enthusiast with a passion for writing and photography. Brad has developed an appreciation for the natural, cultural and historical gems around the country having served as a park ranger with the National Park Service, South Dakota State Parks and Ohio State Parks.

Bradley D. Saum, Author and Photographer
Bradley D. Saum, Author and Photographer

A graduate of the University of Dayton, Bradley has diverse work experiences ranging from wildland firefighting to federal law enforcement, to senior level management positions with Fortune 500 companies. Bradley is a volunteer alumnus of the Student Conservation Association and also served as an outdoor education instructor.

Originally from Ohio, Bradley has lived in many different areas of the country and has traveled the United States extensively. The Black Hills of South Dakota have always been a special place and capturing the true essence of Black Elk Peak provides an opportunity for Bradley to share his appreciation for this unique and sacred ground.

Bradley has also had the opportunity to travel internationally, visiting fifteen countries across the globe. Highlights include seeing a Bengal tiger in India, walking atop the Great Wall of China, and experiencing and interacting with all the various cultures so uniquely different.

Currently, Brad is living and traveling fulltime in an RV pursuing his passion of experiencing natural, cultural and historical gems, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and enjoying his multitude of hobbies which include writing, photography, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and disc golf.

Bradley has published several magazine articles and photos, and is also the author of two books:

Black Elk Peak: A History (Natural History)

Clingmans Dome Revealed: A Natural, Historical and Cultural Gem in the Smoky Mountains

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An implausible dream five years ago gradually morphed into a quest successfully resulting in my early retirement, preparations to sell my house, and embarking on a journey of living and travelling fulltime in an RV, with a focus on volunteering, service and outdoor adventures. If your curious, feel free to check out my recent blog posts: RVing Revealed.

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